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The 1st Impression Counts!

We Stage Up and Present the Best of your Home to Prospective Buyers, just like a Showroom!
By creating the right environment, the right set-up, the right ambience, saying the right scripts, this enable prospective buyers to encounter that personal connection with the property. 👫🏠 The buyers sell the property to themselves, this can make all the difference.
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We need to Set Up your home the right way so as to showcase and present the house in the best way possible, just like what you would see in a Showroom or Sales Gallery.
Do not start marketing your house and showing it to potential buyers till this is done right.
We need to make your house feels like a home. The house has to look bright, neat, tidy, clean, inviting, welcoming and comfortable!
When prospects see the property, they must be able to envision themselves living in it! Only then are we able to ignite the right welcoming feelings of homeliness, comfort and peace. That is the response we want and in doing so, there is high chance to lead to an offer.
Very often, buying a property is a feeling, and sometimes when a prospect walks into a house, they will know within the first 5 or 10 seconds whether the Property is for them. You too may have encountered this before. Therefore the First impression is critical in keeping the interest of a prospective buyer.
Home Staging/ Styling is the next step after decluttering and clearing items, and may involve shifting furnitures around, and placing items at certain areas different from where it used to be. A good realtor will be better able to advise you on this, as every house differs in the layout and use of space.
In some cases, it may involves bringing in new contemporary furniture, accessories, art paintings etc to enhance the feel. This can be done by working with a reputable Furniture Rental Company such as Singapore Furniture Rental (SFR) who is established in doing up the houses to make them look homely and comfortable.
We need to present and create practical spaces that prospecting buyers can associate with and want to have a part of. For example, by demarcating separate spaces such as a cozy Dining area and spacious inviting Living area for their family and friends.
The goal is to create a strong emotional connection between the prospective buyer and the house, which eventually uncovers the full potential value of the property.
It will be good to set up the dining table with plates and cutlery as this creates a warm, inviting feeling and helps to increase the appeal of the house during viewing.
We should also dress up the bed using bed linens, cushions and comforters. This gives prospective buyer a comforting, restful feeling and they can picture themselves having a good rest after a long day from work. We should also open up all blinds and curtains and all windows during the viewing process to allow for natural light and airiness to enter the space.
Courtesy from Singapore Furniture Rentals (SFR), this is an example of what can be done to your home if required.
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