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This requires a detailed analysis on the 3 key determining factors- 1) the Valuation, 2) the Sold Pricing of the other units in your estate and 3) the Pricing of other units presently Selling in your estate.
Other factors that may affect your selling price are the condition of your house, the renovation works done to the house, the facing, the floor level, the views, the layout, the amenities, the location and many more. It is necessary to work closely with a trusted realtor to understand these factors and determine the right pricing before you sell. Engage a proven and driven realtor to fetch you the best deal!

You would need the figures of an 1) indicative selling price of your house, 2) the current outstanding loan and the 3) CPF refund (the amount that would be refunded back to your CPF OA account).
After which minus off the mortgage loan from the Selling Price. This would give you the total proceeds you will receive in both CPF and Cash when you sell your house.
To find out the amount of cash proceeds, minus off the CPF Refund from the total proceeds. Speak with Joel to help you with the calculations of the exact figures so that you can make a well-informed decision.

You would have to assess your needs and upcoming plans to decide if you really want to sell. There are various reasons why a homeowner sells, for example- they are moving to their new house, or moving closer to their children school or parents’ place, or upgrading to a condo or cashing out some funds and more.
A realtor can help you to identify and understand your needs and goals better. You can ask yourself questions like- Where are you at currently and what are the problems or frustrations you are facing? How long has this been going on? What are you looking to achieve in the next 6 months? What is your motivation for achieving this? What would that do for you?

The typical duration varies from 1-3 months. Some houses may be sold in a 1 viewing or within a week, however some may take longer, like 3 to 6 months.
It is important to evaluate and finetune the marketing plan along the process to bring you closer to a sale.

You can learn more in my website or also download my free Property Selling Cheat Guide where I share various strategies, techniques and systems that has helped my clients to sell higher.
Alternatively, if you want to move things ahead, I can walk you through the process and customize solutions specifically for your house, to help you sell higher and faster. Book a complimentary, no obligation strategy call with me at the link below.

Yes, you can. You can do the research online and pick up some knowledge and tips on how to sell your house yourself, without engaging an agent. You can speak to those who have sold it themselves and learn from them how to do it.
But is it really the best way forward for you? Some thoughts to think about- how much time and effort would you have to put into this? Who do you think can do a better job to bring in more interest, more viewings and finally a better price? Are you really saving from not engaging an agent or actually losing out? I hope that make things clearer.

There are pro and cons to both options. You can choose to buy first if you have done your financial calculations and you have the required funds to proceed with the purchase. This is especially for those who have spotted a property they really like and do not want to miss it.
Depending on market conditions, buying may be the easier part. It is possible to shortlist units over a few weeks and then decide on which one to buy readily. However, selling a property takes time and it is hard to determine how long it will take to sell a house. It could be fast; it could also take more than a few months.
If you went on to buy another house but yet to sell your current one, you would have to contend with having to manage monthly payments on both flats, such as the mortgage loan, conservancy charges, property tax. That could be stressful for some owners, and there will be pressure to sell their house.
If you prefer a more conservative approach, it would be good to work on the selling first. While you are selling, you can still go about to have a look and shortlist units that you are keen. When your house is finally sold, you can proceed to secure the unit that you shortlisted and buy with confidence. This way, you will not be in a taxing position. It is important to manage the timeline of the sales and purchase process intricately. You want to be sure that you are Not left without a home to stay. An Extension of Stay can be negotiated, which allows you to continue staying in your current flat after the sale is completed. This gives you time to renovate the flat you purchased. Once the renovation works are done, you can then move into your new house and handover the keys of your current house.
If you need further advice on how this can be applied for your particular case, do speak with Joel. Click the link below to a schedule a FREE No Obligations Strategy Consultation call with Joel.

When there are multiple agents, you would have to go through the hassle of liaising with every one of them. What happens when many different agents tell you different things through the selling process? At the end of it, you get confused, overwhelmed and frustrated.
Also with multiple agents, do you think the agent would really prioritize and act in your best interest? Some owners may think that it can get them a higher price. But what do you think is a buyers’ impression when they see multiple duplicate agent listings marketing your same unit online? What will that do to your price? What is the difference with just one competent agent? There is clarity, control, a consistent marketing plan and the commitment to help you.
As the saying goes, too many cooks spoil the broth. You may want to meet with a few agents but finally, decide on one whom you feel comfortable and confident with, to help you realize your housing plans. My owners are more than happy to engage me on exclusive basis. They truly believe that it is the right move to engage 1 exclusive competent realtor to get the job done.

My fees are typically at 2% of the Selling price, it may vary depending on each individual case. Some may find it high because other realtors offer a lower rate. Some may find my rates very reasonable, in fact, some owners happily pay more than 2% fees. why is it the case?
It depends on what do you want to achieve? Which is more important to you, the price or the Results? One thing is for sure, you do NOT have to pay me any commission if I do not sell your house.

Nah, you DON’T have to engage Joel as your agent yet. Why decide on an agent when you have NOT spoken or met him yet! Rather, I invite you to schedule a call with Joel and find out how he can help, you will be sure to gain from the discussion. Book a FREE No Obligations Strategy Consultation with Joel through the link below.

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